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Winter suede shoe care

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Winter brings some of the harshest weather that your shoes endure..

Make sure your suede shoes are protected and accounted for this winter season with a few easy steps!

So you went online or in store to buy those classy and comfortable suede shoes you've been dreaming of, but now you want to wear them somewhere other than inside to show them off. This is a dilemma that every shoe lover encounters at one point or another, shoes so beautiful, you do absolutely everything to care for them through every season.

For those of us who live in Vancouver, we all know that the winter months can not only be cold, but wet as well, and that does not bode well for suede shoes. In general, the age old idiom of 'prevention over cure' shines true and should be the first thing on a shoe fanatic's mind from the moment of purchase. Spend the extra dollars to get the weather/water-proofing spray that most stores carry and make sure to apply liberally before wearing that perfect pair of unique suede shoes. Another great tip here is to use a suede brush to really get the protection to go the extra mile.

Unfortunately, over time, your suede shoes may be the victim of harsher weathers or unexpected conditions which may damage or stain them. In these cases, I recommend a suede or stain eraser that can also be found at your local shoe store, or shoe repair shop. Use a shoe brush and apply liberally, before letting your shoes dry. If this doesn't work, you can try steaming the shoes (eg. over a boiling pot of water), before wiping well with a dry towel, and applying the shoe/stain eraser again with the suede brush.

Remember, although we would all love to have shoes that last forever, each shoe has its own lifetime, and the good news is that with each old shoe, comes the opportunity to buy a new one!

Please feel free to comment below if any of these tips helped, as the community would love to hear from you, and as always, we would love to see you in store at 3022 South Granville in Vancouver or online at shoes2go.ca where we always have the latest in men's and women's shoes, boots, sandals, accessories and shoes2go anywhere, in style!

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