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Why do we wear sport shoes with ...well, everything?

Posted by Your Shoe Guy on

I am pretty sure I am not the only one to ask myself why do people wear sport shoes with pretty much every outfit these days. European and other fashion designers are certainly driving that trend (or cashing in on it…not sure which) as they showcase one collection after another where they try to outdo each other in how cool and funky and, sometimes completely out-there, the sport shoes are. Paired with wedding dresses, suit trousers, swim suits…anything!

So I went looking for some history, some reasons why people started this trend …here are some of the stories I found out there:

In the spring of 1980 the New York Transit Authority workforce went on strike for about six weeks, during which time the five boroughs of New York were without bus and subway service.

During that time, millions were forced to walk long distances, carpool, or find other strategies for commuting to work. So they started wearing sneakers to hike to their offices, and then home again at night. They kept a few pairs of dress shoes under the desk at the office and put those on when they arrived. Maybe after the strike ended many decided they liked that new commuting strategy and adopted it semi-permanently?

Another theory is that healthy is now sexy! Look around, the concept of living a healthy and active lifestyle is everywhere. Spiritually, the movement starts with the nourishment of the body and ends with the nourishment of the soul, but with respect to retail, this movement has incited an “ath-leisure” approach, a “do better and be better” mindset, to the active-wear market. Within fashionable athletic footwear, “ath-leisure” maintains that products should be extremely wearable, versatile, utilitarian, and definitely comfortable.

Now let’s go back in time...If you spent your childhood in a pair of Converse or Nike’s, you are no stranger to the idea that sneakers can be more than just handy, they can make a statement. But, melding the feminine look of a flirty dress with a knock-around pair of kicks has been a no-no until now.

My personal take? Sure, we all want to be fashionable…consciously or not, we follow the trends around us… I say maybe we all got just a little lazy these days, or over-worked and over-pressured, and the need for comfort anywhere we can get it just bubbled to the surface of our urban super-fast life.

Or, maybe we wear our sport shoes with suits just to be cheeky!

Why do you do it? Tell us in the comments below...and ask your friends too!


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