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Men's Shoes2Go To a Job Interview

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The party’s over and the class of 2017 will be job hunting. For guys who may have worn nothing but soccer shoes and sneakers for the past four years, it’s time to revisit your wardrobe and invest in a pair of interview-appropriate footwear.


Although some of you may be considering a driving moc or boat style, think again. An interview is all about first impressions, so step up your look. Even if the company where you’re interviewing has a casual fashion policy, don’t take those liberties until you land the job. There will be plenty of opportunities to wear your favorite jeans and sneakers to the office. And, possibly bring your dog.

Before shoe shopping, select an interview suit. Smart style starts from the top down. So, if you’re opting for a trendy slim suit with a tapered trouser, balance it with an oxford or monk strap that picks up a bold bottom. And while black shoes are always safe, brown works just as well with a navy, black or gray suit.


For the more adventurous dresser who still wants to play it safe, there are lots of boot options that double as shoes, such as a sleek polished Chelsea boot, or an ankle boot in antiqued leather.

Really want to make a style statement? Go for a classic, clean looking line lace-up in navy.

Looking for something easy to slip into? Choose a classic loafer.

An experienced human resource director can tell how serious you are about the job by the way your suit is tailored and the shine on your shoes.

Excerpts from the article: Stylish Shoes Graduates Can Wear To a Job Interview By Barbara Schneider-Levy / June 18, 2017

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